Who We Are

Salisbury Winter Sports Association

Our Mission

The mission of the Salisbury Winter Sports Association is to acquaint our nearby communities, especially the children, with Nordic ski-jumping, cross-country and Alpine skiing, and to teach the skills necessary for their enjoyment and lifelong pursuit. As part of its mission, SWSA hosts and perpetuates the annual ski-jumping competition on Satre Hill to sustain ski jumping in Salisbury and the Eastern United States.
Salisbury Winter Sports Association


Throughout the years Satre Hill has had a number of jumps, today we're proud to offer a K10 "bump jump", and K20, K30, and K65 jumps. We rebuilt our K65 jump in 2011 after an unprecedented show of local support and enthusiasm. Get the whole story here.
Nordic Loop
In 2021 we cleared a loop that provides over a kilometer of groomed track for skate and classic skiing at the base of the jump.

History of SWSA

In 1924 John Satre immigrated to Salisbury to work as a chauffeur for the Warner family and in 1925 both Olaf and Magnus, his brothers, joined him. Being well known jumpers and cross country skiers in Norway they established what was known then as the Salisbury Outing Club.
On January 29th, 1927 the club held its first competition with a crowd of over two hundred spectators. Ski jumping was here to stay. In 1933 the Salisbury Outing Club hosted the National Championships. During the years of the war the jump fell into disrepair. Again in 1945 its residents renamed and started what is now known as the Salisbury Winter Sports Association.
Improvements to the landing hill and the tower were made in 1950 and in 1952 SWSA hosted the Eastern National Championships. The Satre family started a tradition for the Town of Salisbury and the local community that continues to nourish and grow.
2009-2011: A Modern Ski Jump
A Small Town's Leap of Faith
The New York Times, Feb. 8, 2011

"For at least a decade, folks in Salisbury knew their beloved wooden jump was growing outdated. So when Ken Barker, the president of the grass-roots nonprofit group that oversees the jump, attended a meeting of Eastern ski jump officials in 2009, someone asked if Salisbury had any plans to replace the old jump with a modern steel and concrete one."

Board of Directors

Ken Barker, President
Mat Kiefer, Vice President
Carey D. Fiertz, Secretary
Jon Higgins, Treasurer
Matt Bannerman
Digby Brown
Scott Fitch
Joe Geraghty
Caroline Gilbert
Cicily Hajek
Willie Hallihan
Reggie Lamson Jr.
Ariel Picton Kobayashi
Rosina Rand
Holly Reid
Brian Sangster
Billy Sheil
Serena Hollmeyer Taylor
Scooter Tedder
Honorary Directors (Past and Present)
Rodney Aller
William Appleyard
John Bartram
Jack Bell
Victor Clarke
William Doolittle
James DuBois
Dr. John Elliot
Walter Erickson
Jack Fisher
Donald Genung
William R. Harris
Ole Hegge
George Kiefer
Mary Louise Kiefer
Howard Knickerbocker
Reg Lamson Sr.
George Miner
Russell Ottey
Richard Parsons
Robert Patterson
Jack Phelps
Peggy Phelps
H. Copland Robinson
Ottar Satre
Sverre Satre
Roy Sherwood
Larry Stone
Sidney Terhune
Birger Torrissen
Cricket Trotta
William Walsh
Audrey Whitbeck