Learn to Jump

Start to Fly!

How Do I Start Jumping?

Things to Know Before You Start
• Skiers progress from small to larger jumps, advancing at their own pace 
• Ski Jumping at SWSA allows skiers to develop the skills and confidence necessary for safe and enjoyable ski jumping. 
• All levels are welcome and no experience is necessary to get started. 
• Beginning jumpers may use their alpine skis, eventually transitioning to jumping skis. 
• Helmets are mandatory
For Parents of Jumpers
What I learned when my child became a ski jumper: 
• Ski jumpers are not high off the ground. Their flight is for distance and matches the contour of the hill. 
• After a year of jumping my child showed marked self-confidence that exemplified itself in his every day life. 
• No matter the competency of the jumper, this is a small community where everyone supports each other. Cheers of support equally reward soaring perfection and brave attempts. 
• If your equipment needs adjustment, breaks, is faulty, team members and even competitors, will find a new set of skis for you to be able to participate. 
• When my child casually sits next to Olympians and International competitors he/she forms new goals, aspirations, and objectives in sports and life.


Joining the Team
Joining Team SWSA gives young athletes an opportunity to participate in regular practices and participate in meets. Coach Seth is a former SWSA jumper and member of the US Junior National Team. 

Practices are on Monday and Thursday evenings from 5:30-7:30, and Saturday afternoons from 12:00-2:00, weather permitting. Changes to this schedule will be emailed to parents and are available to the team's scheduling app. During practices, athletes refine their techniques, skills, and ability to assess their own jumping. When conditions permit, we also have a cross-country ski loop. 

SWSA shares training and competitive opportunities in winter and summer with the Eastern Ski Jumping Association clubs. Practices and meets are hosted in Lake Placid, NY (NYSEF), Lebanon, NH (Lebanon Outing Club), Andover, NH (Andover Outing Club), Hanover, NH (Ford Sayre), Brattleboro, VT (Harris Hill), and Milan, NH (Nansen Ski Club). While all meets are optional for Team SWSA members, attending meets allows athletes experience new jumping venues and to build lasting friendships amongst competitors. 

Athletes can join Team SWSA at the beginning of the season by attending our Winter Jump Camp. They can join the team mid-season by registering at the link below. If you are interested in learning more about Team SWSA, email info@jumpfest.org.
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